Beamer Manual

Part I Getting Started

This part helps you getting started. It starts with an explanation of how to install the class. Hopefully, this will be very simple, with a bit of luck the whole class is already correctly installed! You will also find an explanation of special things you should consider when using certain other packages.

Next, a short tutorial is given that explains most of the features that you’ll need in a typical presentation. Following the tutorial you will find a “possible workflow” for creating a presentation. Following this workflow may help you avoid problems later on.

This part includes a guidelines sections. Following these guidelines can help you create good presentations (no guarantees, though). This guideline section is kept as general as possible; most of what is said in that section applies to presentations in general, independent of whether they have been created using beamer or not.

At the end of this part you will find a summary of the solutions templates that come with beamer. You can use solutions templates to kick-start the creation of your presentation.